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  • Tranquillizer and anti-motion sickness drug.
  • For cats and dogs.
  • Flavored oral solution.

Acepromazine maleate ……………………………. 1 g
Excipients q.s. ……………………………………. 100 mL


Phenothiazine derivative, used to dogs and cats, which acts as a neuroleptic and major tranquilizer. It enables animals to be indifferent to external stimuli without suffering loss of consciousness or falling asleep. Ataraxic, it causes a decrease in motor activity.

Promafine is indicated as a:

• Tranquilizer: in situations where it is necessary to achieve a state of indifference to external stimuli or reduce the excitability of an animal, e.g. during long trips, when there are loud noises or thunderstorms in the case of animals with little tolerance to noise or fear of loud noises, etc.
• Anti-motion sickness drug: its action on the central nervous system emetic center makes it possible to depress and suppress the gag reflex caused by central stimuli (travel, dizziness and others).
• Anesthesia premedication: it facilitates the handling of the animal while it is being prepared for surgery or when it must undergo surgical or clinical diagnostic maneuvers. Administration of this product makes it possible to reduce the dose of some anesthetic agents with which it can be combined.


Dropper containing 10 mL.

Registered in
  • Argentina
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Paraguay
  • Uruguay